Moral Compass to Be, or Not to Be

Book Cover: Moral Compass to Be, or Not to Be
Editions:Kindle - Kindle Ebook Edition: $ 3.99 USD
ISBN: 978-0578583617
Size: 0.40 x 5.00 in
Pages: 198
Paperback - Paperback: $ 9.99 USD
ISBN: 978-0578583617
Size: 0.40 x 5.00 in
Pages: 198

Winning the New Hampshire state lottery was just the beginning. Some more surprises await the Brooks and the people they love. With their bodyguard, Nelson, on high alert, Margret Brooks is doing her best to look after the twins and her husband, Brent, to protect a secret, locked away from the public eyes. Marc Dazet and his wife Sundara are still living in Virginia and their unconventional love is growing every day. Now that a brilliant opportunity has presented itself before them, they must seek help from the Brooks family if they want to make the best of it. But will the Brooks help them this time? And why? Only time will tell. For reasons that are not yet understood, the third family the Johnson's remain stationed at an unidentified military base. 2 Lt. Harold Johnson is now training with Space Marine Commanders, learning skills and traits he might need to defend the planet earth. But he is not the only one the planet needs. His wife and children must also play a major role in the projections. The pieces of this Space Jigsaw Puzzle have been scattered during all these years but the three families will now come together and put them in place. A quest for a: MORAL COMPASS: TO BE, OR NOT TO BE is one thing for sure.


Author Biography

With his thoughts in the clouds and his eyes on the stars, Bryant Johnson has always been fascinated by the great beyond. Deeply influenced by his wonderment of Star Trek, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Star Wars. Bryant too, set out to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life through the context of his writing. His novel-work centers mainly around the genre of science fiction with fantasy elements, and has culminated in his debut novel Dialogue Prompt. Originally created as a NaNoWrimo submission in November 2016, Dialogue Prompt is now available through the Kindle App and Amazon store (Paperback) for readers to download, share, and enjoy.

Reviews:kelvin on Amazon wrote:

Sci-Fi books have always been my preferred type of books, and for many years now I have come across a number of them. Some of them so great to read, while others were just same wine in different bottles. That was before I came across “Moral Compass: To Be, or Not to Be” a book like no other, its distinctiveness and uniqueness makes it the best sci-fi book I ever came across, I couldn’t put it down.
Talk of character development- just wonderful-. The characters in the book has been perfectly modeled, with specific suitable roles and a very high level of engagement that makes the book so absorbing. The book revolves around three families have to come together, join their abilities and powers to save the world. But above all, the suspense feature is what kept me craving for more. I always wished I had the power to know what was coming next.
Other than the uniqueness of the book, the author has showcased great skills of writing through using the perfect grammar, great choice of words, impressive tone for the story, and most importantly an engrossing flow of the story. The author was masterful. I highly recommend it!

Amy L Perry on Amazon wrote:

Very nice read, I couldn't put it down! The author really knows some very cool history points, which I love to have some nice facts and history in scifi!, It has some twists and turns Awesome read!

Moral Compass to Be, or Not to Be

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